Guiding & empowering women through their menopause journey

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Menopause Mentor was founded by Catherine Harland to help employers and individuals successfully navigate menopause.

My journey

About our founder

After 30 years in the corporate world at board level combined with 14 years of challenging menopausal symptoms, I trained to become a menopause coach and workplace training provider. And I’m passionate about making a difference.
Having experienced debilitating symptoms first hand, I understand how difficult menopause can be for both employers and for individuals.
Understanding what it is, how it impacts all employees, being able to talk about it and having access to the right support is vital.
Nearly one million women have had to leave their jobs because of menopause. Lack of workplace support is a contributing factor.
Tribunals relating to menopause have tripled since 2020, highlighting the need for workplace training but tribunals can be avoided with the right workplace training.
My training will enable you to have sensitive conversations, to create a menopause-friendly environment and to promote inclusive, positive thinking around menopause.
As well as workplace training, I provide 1-1 coaching for individuals who require personal, comprehensive support to regain control of their menopause.

Our Services

How we can help

Workplace Support

Our Menopause Mentor workplace support tackles the issues of menopause at work head-on by enabling organisations to start the menopause conversation in an open, positive and sensitive way. Our workplace support:
We offer three main types of menopause workplace support:

Menopause Table Talks

For Management
Our Table Talks are interactive workshops for team leaders, HR and management to enhance thinking, gain a clearer understanding of menopause and how to start sensitive conversations. We will explore how to support individuals facing challenging symptoms and bust myths.
Table talks are onsite in your boardroom. But it doesn’t end there. No one can be a menopause expert in just 90 minutes! There are various follow up support packages to suit your requirements.

Menopause Champion Training

For Management and/or HR
Our Menopause Champion workshop involves training an individual within your organisation to become your Menopause Champion, a designated person for employees to turn to with any menopausal issue. This could be a team leader, a manager or a member of HR, the choice is yours. During the workshop, we deep dive into menopause to provide an even greater understanding, enabling your Menopause Champion to fully support individuals. The individual will leave the workshop feeling confident in handling employee issues.

Menopause Wellness Workshop

For Employees
Menopause can be a lonely place. Many feel misunderstood, confused and isolated. Non-menopausal colleagues may not understand and confidence can be low. The aim of this workshop is to provide employees with evidence based menopause facts, a sense of support and to feel empowered in handling their symptoms.

1-1 Support

As well as workplace support, Menopause Mentor provides 1-1 support to individuals. No menopause journey is the same therefore no one solution is the same.
Our ‘Menopause Mentor Power Month’ is a structured one month package designed for women requiring individual support and evidence-based advice, to understand why they are experiencing certain symptoms and how they can take back control.
The transformational sessions within this package include personal lifestyle, nutrition and stress-reduction advice, they kick start the process of feeling more confident, rejuvenated and less stuck in what can be a very challenging time.